About Us

Who We are and Our History

The project started in August 2011 at Kenya Assemblies of God Kamirithu church, in Kamirithu village in Limuru SubCounty in Kiambu County.

Being located in a community that is less fortunate in social, economic, spiritual and health, the senior pastor was drawn to the need to reach, touch and change the community. This became a burdensome to him that he took the street children of Limuru town and offered to them some basic support. Due to lack of sufficient resources and rejection of street kids by few church members, this ministry did not become effective. The senior pastor's dream and vision was buried by the challenges he encountered, but continued praying and sharing the need of community to the church members and several friends that he could meet.

In February 2011, the dream and the vision were born again where by the Compassion loaded with the dream and visited the community and observed the needs and decided to share their views with K.A.G senior pastor. It was after the training, the church signed the agreement to partner with Compassion Kenya. In April 2011 the children were recruited according to child selection criteria

What We Do


  • Spiritual - Demostrates commitment to the Lordship of Christ
  • Physical: Chooses good health practices and is physically heathy
  • Cognitive: Exhibits the skills and motivation to be economically self-supporting.
  • Socio-emotional: Interacts with other people in a healthy and compassionate manner
  • Youth programming


  • Demonstrate effective vision and leadership
  • Mobilise Resources
  • Establishes efficient structures and management
  • Demonstrate effective vision and leadership
  • Local ownership


  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy
  • Food security initiatives
  • To enhance good parental care among the caregivers
  • Organize child protection training for caregivers
  • To increase caregiver’s household incomes
  • Organize established IGA training for the caregivers
  • To establish group and support empowerment to access external funds
  • Support groups to be registered by the social services


  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy
  • Food security initiatives
  • Support and creation


Exists To Promote Holistic Child Development And Deliver Children From Poverty In Jesus Name

Our Vision

To develop a Christian person of integrity, reliable, responsible to self, family, community and the nation.

Our Mission

KE0462 exists to promote holistic child development and deliver children from poverty in Jesus name